1. Research on the methodologies for advanced synthesis of antioxidant disease preventative agents by catalytic routes.
  2. Synthesis and characterization of selected catalytic systems based on ruthenium complexes displaying  high chemo- and stereoselectivity in cross-metathesis.
  3. Spectral investigations by FTIR, UV-VIS, NMR and MS techniques of the synthesized complexes, reaction intermediates and end products.
  4. Accessing functionalized organic compounds by ring-closing metathesis and antioxidants by cross-metathesis.
  5. Collecting experimental data on reaction kinetics and mechanisms related to the applied alkene metathesis processes, in presence of ruthenium catalytic systems.
  6. Exchange of short visits for research and study at the partner institutions.
  7. Organizing scientific seminars and round tables on topics related to the collaboration project.
  8. Organizing annual workshops: (i) First Belgian-Romanian Workshop, Bucharest, 2008; (ii) Second Belgian-Romanian Workshop, Bucharest, 2009; (iii) Third Belgian-Romanian Workshop, Bucharest, 2010 .
  9. Organizing the NATO Advanced Study Institute on Green Metathesis Chemistry, Bucharest, 2008 (
  10.  Reports on all activities carried out for fulfilling the annual stages included in the research plan agreed upon.
  11.  Dissemination of obtained results through conferences, symposia, and publication of papers in the scientific literature.